Our Services

General Contracting

At Cook & Krupa, we get it. We understand that nothing is more important than your budget and timeline. We know that quality general contracting requires a dedicated team with the experience to closely monitor and quickly identify issues that could impact cost and schedule. We know you want to work with the best in the business, saving significant time and money in the process.


The Best in the Business

Cook & Krupa is redefining what it means to be the best in the business. It means successfully managing entire projects from pre-planning and pre-construction through completion by:

  • Measuring project status through all phases.
  • Strictly adhering to detailed schedules.
  • Working hard and taking great pride in fostering cooperation and mutual respect on every project site.
  • Promoting methodical safety plans and effective cost control reporting.
  • Tightly coordinating job sites.
  • Establishing strong partnerships between subcontractors and other partners.

Most importantly, being the best in the business means delivering quality projects on time and on budget.


Partner with Cook & Krupa

Cook & Krupa is committed to everything that makes a general contractor better than the competition. Put our decades of experience to work for you so we can both reap the rewards of a job well done.

Construction Management

Cook & Krupa takes great pride in handling complex and challenging construction management projects. It’s our passion. Unlike typical construction managers, we truly act as an extension of your staff, dedicating ourselves completely to your building project so that you can focus on your most important asset: everything that happens inside.


We Make Your Project a Success

Quality construction management requires hard work, open communication and market intelligence; the implementation and execution of proven systems; innovative technologies in estimating, value engineering, scheduling, project management, document control and cost control; a dedicated labor force with the confidence to complete projects of all sizes and shapes throughout a large diverse market; an environment of collaboration, cooperation and respect among architects and subcontractors alike. Cook & Krupa delivers on every aspect of construction management to make your project a success.


Managing Your Cost, Risk and Schedule

We approach every construction project with your cost, risk and schedule in mind. Our robust, historical databases and in-depth knowledge of the market gives us a unique edge on cost projections. Our disciplined pre-planning anticipates every contingency, quantifying and managing risk from pre-construction through completion. Our efficient delivery system reduces the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phrase. We manage it all to give you the peace of mind you deserve.


A Single Point of Contact

As a single point of contact, we maintain strict adherence to project quality to maximize efficiencies and minimize labor, waste, clashes and surprises. Whatever your needs, our wealth of experience in construction management is at your disposal to build high-performing projects that engage communities and make a difference. Cook & Krupa is simply a construction management company above the rest.

Experience the Cook & Krupa Difference

As your trusted partner, we work with you to successfully manage entire projects, from start to finish, on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to your daily schedule.

Contact us today to discover 100% customer satisfaction through the pursuit of perfection.