Value Engineering
Value Engineering

Value engineering has become synonymous with each project we take on. From our actions and decisions made during the pre-construction phase–based on years of experience as well as keeping in step with up-to-the-minute technologies and processes–to our close working relationships with superior design firms and architects, we always take the extra step to promote the best interest of the owner and the project.


Top-Down Management

The single greatest asset to iStock_000001702617Smallour commitment to value engineering is our top-down management approach. It instills effective planning into every phase of every project we undertake. Rather than hand your project over to middle management, every client receives our full commitment throughout the design and construction process… a systematic approach based on unsurpassed knowledge and experience to provide you the utmost in value.


Our Commitment to Cost Containment

Our value engineering strikes a delicate balance between cost containment and a high standard of quality. From planning and scheduling in pre-construction meetings and coordinating subcontractors on the project to discussing and resolving all potential problems before the start of a project, we take every precaution to promote unmatched labor efficiency.

We make suggestions to the architect, proposing alternate materials and equipment to reduce material costs. We strategically bid materials to suppliers to ensure competitive pricing. We maintain an aggressive construction schedule to avoid labor cost waste and monitor all material delivery dates. We draw the best pricing from local material suppliers, subcontractors and vendors alike to provide invaluable cost savings. Our commitment to cost containment simply translates to unmatched value in every phase of the project.