Welcome to Cook & Krupa

When it comes to construction, true craftsmanship is measured in small ways. The seamless way two different woods are joined. The silence that accompanies the splash of water exiting a spout. How the light entering from a southern exposure seems to shimmer on a wall. The consistency of temperature and humidity as one travels from room to room. These are the nuances that set apart fine construction from the norm. This is what is achieved with Cook and Krupa.

Industries We Serve

Creating the optimal environment to enhance the learning experience… molding future leaders and attracting the teachers who lead them.

Constructing the ideal spiritual atmosphere so that communities can be built within their walls.

Driving the automotive sale by creating the dealership environment reflective of the service and support customers can expect.

Developing designed spaces that represent the brand, promote traffic flow and exhibit products in engaging and dramatic ways.

Recent Projects
Much of the beauty in construction lies beneath the surface. The layout; the combination of the support structure and materials; the different utilities of the building coming together in an efficient and effective way; the pre-planning to put together countless elements to complete a project on time and within budget.
That being said, it is the finished result that always catches the eye.
  • Super-Tek Products, Inc.

    Super-Tek Products, Inc.

  • Sweet Sam’s Bakery

    Sweet Sam’s Bakery

  • Hillside Plaza

    Hillside Plaza

  • CVS Pharmacy

    CVS Pharmacy

  • Gabrielli Truck Sales

    Gabrielli Truck Sales

  • The Summit School

    The Summit School