About Us
About Us

Among our customers, employees, partners and communities alike, Cook & Krupa has maintained a solid reputation for delivering seamless general contracting and construction management solutions of only the highest quality on schedule and within the constraints of your budget. More than half a century old, Cook & Krupa is in a unique position to serve as a bridge between the building disciplines of the past and the innovative advances of the present and future. Since 1962, our dedicated team has excelled in completing a wide variety of projects in two demanding and exacting disciplines: general contracting and construction management. With both pathways, our passionate, flexible and focused project teams value the importance of building early, intimate and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, architects, designers, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. From our customer’s standpoint, we listen closely to your unique needs with a goal to exceed them leveraging our knowledge, talent and collaborative philosophy. From new construction and renovations to exterior, interior and comprehensive, single owner and multi-tenant commercial and industrial facilities, we attribute our unprecedented success to our continuing pursuit of perfection.

Our Commitment

We are modest in our approach. With a history of managing and constructing millions of square feet of space, we are a leader among mid-market general contracting and construction management yet, we maintain the belief that knowledge empowers and learning leads to growth. On the road to continuous improvement, we encourage our employees to take risks and look for smarter ways to work. It’s all part of our commitment to being the best in the business.

 Our Mission

We fully expect our clients to demand the most rigorous design and quality standards. So, when you partner with Cook & Krupa, you can rest assured our team will meet and exceed your expectations with competence, best practices and timely execution. General contracting and construction management is complex but our mission is simple: to get the job done right.