Case Studies
Case Studies

The Green Vale School

Valentine’s Lane, Old Brookville, NY


Project Capacity: General GVS 4Contractor

As General Contractor, Cook & Krupa submitted and won the bid on this major educational construction project, based on our expertise in this area and knowledge of working with school boards and management, to ensure all ideas and concepts aligned to deliver functional teaching spaces that work. All elements of construction and cost were covered by the bid.


Scope of Project:

The Green Vale School, a campus of 40 acres, sought major revisions in a project that consisted of five components:

  1. Erect a new multi-purpose center, encompassing both a gym and function rooms.
  2. Redevelop an existing outdoor amphitheater, currently deteriorated and one-third the size of the space required.
  3. Develop a new parking lot.
  4. Renew the school sports field.
  5. Remodel the existing gym space to yield needed additional classrooms.


Challenges and Solutions:

As General Contractor, Cook & Krupa ensured all aspects of each job were known up front, and all sub-contractors were in place. A master plan and the flexibility of computerized job tracking helped us keep the flow of work on a smooth progression.

A major challenge was the fact that work needed to continue through all four seasons during 2007-8, even while more than 450 children attended classes. Diligent site safety allowed us to continue our work while ensuring all grades – pre-school through 9 – could learn and progress with a minimum of distraction.

Site coordination put our team to the test when the school gave us a limited timeframe – just the two summer months of 2008, between sessions – to turn the school’s existing gym into added classroom space. Through careful management and timing of subcontractor delivery of services, students happily found new classrooms ready for them by the fall semester.


End Results:

The Green Vale School expressed high satisfaction with our work, which was completed within schedule and with minimal disruption. This was Green Vale’s second successful experience with Cook & Krupa, as we previously completed an Early Childhood Center for the school.

The experience was equally positive for the architect involved on the project, the SLAM Collaborative who has since chosen to work with Cook & Krupa on additional projects.

Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Resurrection

1400 Cedar Swamp Road, Brookville, NY 11545


Project Capacity: Construction house of worshipManager

As Construction Manager, it was Cook & Krupa’s job to coordinate all elements of this project, working between the owner, contractors and architect.

The ability to award and begin work with various subcontractors, while other elements of the project were in development (such as working the foundations, while decisions on windows or doors had yet to be firmed up), allowed us to select the most appropriate subcontractors and secure savings on individual project elements that could be passed on to the client.


Scope of Project:

Erect a complete, purpose-built church structure, foundation to roof, with all internal fittings, allowing the Church and its congregation to move from an existing facility in Glen Cove.


Challenges and Solutions:

Budget concerns with a non-profit church organization were most sensitive. Functioning as Construction Manager allowed Cook & Krupa to work to the Church’s advantage, obtaining multiple bids on each aspect of the building – doors, steel, windows, etc. – and choosing the most appropriate items for the job. Not every bid selected was the lowest; rather, each selection was made based on Construction Management’s knowledge of who could ensure the highest quality results.

Unique to this particular project was the fact that various parishioners, in the construction fields themselves, donated the services and expertise of their firms, sending professional crews that required careful coordination with the other subcontractors.

Adding to the scheduling complexity, these donated crews were often able to work only between other commitments. A computer-generated schedule and master plan with flexibility helped keep everyone on a fluid path to make the most efficient, effective use of everyone’s time and resources.


End Results:

Cook & Krupa completed all work within the designated 16-month schedule. The end result is a striking contemporary structure that meets traditional needs and aims, which opened in May of 2005. In addition, because of the special budgetary concerns of the Church, we completed several areas within the structure just to a basic level and roughed in to allow for future expansion, finishing with no need to re-do or alter any existing work.