Much of the beauty in construction lies beneath the surface. The layout; the combination of the support structure and materials; the different utilities of the building coming together in an efficient and effective way; the pre-planning to put together countless elements to complete a project on time and within budget. That being said, it is the finished result that always catches the eye.

Review our finished results and take in the beauty. Discover how our meticulous process completes buildings that make a statement. Ask us anything about the ins and outs of each and every project. We are here to help you clearly see the Cook & Krupa vision.

  • Super-Tek Products, Inc.

    Super-Tek Products, Inc.

  • Sweet Sam’s Bakery

    Sweet Sam’s Bakery

  • Hillside Plaza

    Hillside Plaza

  • CVS Pharmacy

    CVS Pharmacy

  • Gabrielli Truck Sales

    Gabrielli Truck Sales

  • The Summit School

    The Summit School