Cook & Krupa Powers NYPCC's Decade of Growth


Cook & Krupa's partnership with the New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center (NYPCC) has expanded access to vital mental health services in the community. Through a decade of collaboration and innovation, we've demonstrated our expertise in evolving healthcare construction.

Our work began by transforming NYPCC's original 3-story building into a modern 5-story facility, a project requiring complex phasing to ensure continued operations.

We further expanded their footprint by seamlessly integrating a new extension, completed while the existing building was in use, even minimizing disruption by tying in floors individually. We created a total of 320 new treatment rooms.

Recently, we completed another 5-story addition, adding 65 treatment rooms and adapting existing areas, like repurposing teller windows into telehealth offices, to optimize functionality.

This success highlights our unmatched capability within healthcare construction and beyond. Get the full story in our Trust & Confidence white paper.

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