Small Buildings

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We are often tasked with finding solutions for small metal buildings. Boiler and Generator Rooms, Staff Facilities, Small Shops and Garages. Providing a traditional Butler solution with columns, bracing, girts and the like just isn't useful in many cases. We represent Parkline, the premier manufacturer of Self-Framing Metal Buildings. Basically the baby sister of a Butler Building minus the steel framing. The roof system bears on the walls eliminating the majority of the steel framing and simplifying the foundations or thickened slab support. These buildings are erected by hand and can be built almost anywhere. We have put them on roofs, subway platforms, power plants, sewage treatment plants, airports, amusement parks and every once in a while, we put them on a concrete pad on an average site!

Parkline Buildings are available with a full roster of accessories such as doors, windows, and louvers. Fire ratings can be achieved and a finished interior is available. They can be erected on or off site and every building is engineered for it's specific application and provided with shop drawings sealed by a PE in the state of the installation location.